Back from Stockholm (unfortunateley)

Yesterday I went through the few photos I took in Stockholm. Looks like I’ve been to Leviland.

Stockholm is great though. I could have not captured it in photos anyways. We were wandering around the city kilometer for kilometer and found it one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever been to. All the water, beautiful buildings, little places, big parks, one great looking shop after the other. Not to forget the very nice, laid back, good looking people. I’d have loved to stay there. And surely will come back.

It seemed like everything just works (not a single broken elevator or escalator, people were always helpfull with everything and moreover they all speak english fluently) and everything grounds on a basic trust. Even the garden plots in the middle of the city obviously didn’t need to have fences.

We exchanged apartments with a family of three from there. Which was awesome and worked out perfectly.

We stayed in Liljeholmen. Which is the island next to the island of Södermalm (the fancy part).

The one thing we surely never missed was fika, of course. Stockholmers have great coffee almost everywhere and yummy little kanelbullar (cinemon rolls).

One day we made an excursion to Vaxholm which is one of the islands of the Stockholm which is the area around Stockholm and consists of about 30.000 (wtf) islands. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

And by the way. I was freaking scared of the flight. Which I haven’t done in 4 years as the last flight made me horribly panik because of claustrophobia. But it worked really well. I had shaking knees (literally) when I was entering the plane on the outgoing flight. But that was it. On the return flight even that was gone. So happy I can fly again. World, here I come.

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