Project: Camel

My dear cousin asked me to make a camel for her daughter. So for the last days I’ve tried to make one. Not an easy thing to sew, may I say.

(Picture via victor. Thank you!)

First you need something like a pattern. And may I say (again) that drawing isn’t actually one of my skills.

In the end I had something that kind of looked like a camel to me. So I cut it and sewed #1:

Well, I put a rattle inside so it’s worth sound at least.

#2 turned out better as I used lovely desert-golden cord. Still pretty square and too wide. I find. (But I didn’t put a rattle inside because I liked it being soft and still.)

So I changed the „pattern“ again and made #3. It’s alright I think, too small for cousindaughter though. But again I put a rattle inside.

After all cousin has to say wether she wants me to make a camel. These three probably go etsy, dawanda or fleemarket (where I soon will try to make some cash (if I may say)).

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