Bed News

For the last couple weeks I could hardly wait for our new bed to arrive.

For the last couple years we slept on waterbottleboxes.

Obviously we had lath floors (that were attached to the boxes with cable connectors) and mattresses (which held together with expanders).

We used to have nice fabric around the bed to hide its ugliness. But it went under my sewing machine and became bags.

We bought the new bed in Stockholm (of course). Its actually the one I’ve written about some time ago. I’ve already been in love with it and in Stockholm my man also fell in love. Then my parents said yes to it (without falling in love but wanting to give us a bed that we liked for a marrying gift. Thankyou!).

So it became a Carpe Diem, has no storage room but is the most beautiful AND comfortable bed ever. I won’t get out of the my bed anymore (unless Levi is screaming his guts out next to me…).

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2 Antworten zu Bed News

  1. Kai schreibt:

    Uuuh, das Bett ist großartig. Wo gibt’s die Capre Diem Betten in Berlin? Danke.

  2. anjablau schreibt:

    danke, ich freue mich auch immernoch aufs insbettgehen. ich glaube in berlin hat die max kühl (oder so, in charlottenburg). eine liste der retailer gibts auf (wir haben es in stockholm gekauft.)

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