Christmas Dresses

I made my goddaughter a dress for christmas. Her mother thought she could need one. The little girl is turning two in a week so I guess even though the dress is really nice she won’t appreciate it too much. This is why I made a tiny version of her dress to fit her doll (hopefully). So she has something to play with as well.

The bigger one is made of a very soft and comfy organic cotton denim. Whereas I used leftover denim fabric for the doll dress.

As my goddaughter hates pull-over-clothes I made buttons on the back. The different colours make a lovely contrast against the bright denim. (The doll dress has fake buttons – and hook-and-loop-fastener)

I sewed her name on one of the fromt pockets. (I once saw her standing in a door, having both her hands in dress pockets, looking at other kids playing. Too cute!)

Now I hope mother and daughter will be happy.

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2 Antworten zu Christmas Dresses

  1. knack schreibt:

    this is so precious! I love all of the detailing….the buttons down the back and her name on the pocket! I’m sure she will love it!

  2. anjablau schreibt:

    thank you. friday is the big day. i hope she’ll be in dress-mood;)

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