Long Time No See

Christmas went by, the old year went by and now even the snow already went by. I actually just miss the snow. And some of the last year. I’d miss christmas if it was more christmassy. It was rather … not christmassy. It’s getting less and less christmassy the older I get. Even Levi wasn’t too impressed by the christmas tree but rather by all the attention everybody gave him (as if he was santa claus). (By the way the tree at my parent’s rather looked like a cactus (and they don’t live in the desert!).)

Oh well.

Before christmas we discovered a lovely, cosy little cafe around our corner. From the tables you can have a look into the bakery where they bake verrrry good looking cakes.

New Year’s Eve we had a lovely dinner with our friends and brassato al vino rosso and gateau chocolat. The latter I could have daily. Of course I didn’t take any pictures before eating.

I hope the new year will culinary go on like it ended…

Happy 2011.

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