Spectacular Spectacles

The sooner my birthday comes the less I know what I shall have. Whenever somebody asks me what to give me, I usually don’t know what to say. Even though my actual „dayjob“  is looking at pictures of lovely things that I long for.

At least I know what my man shall give me after struggling with the sharp seeing  of my right eye: I obviously need a new right spectacles glass. So why not whole new spectacles. I do like the ones I have but I’ve had them for three years now and changes in that area of my face are welcome from time to time.

It’s really difficult though. Obviously. We went through several ok ones on saturday.

I really like the colour of these. It’s a light grey matte. Perfect. Also the shape is quite perfect. Except for the edges where the earpieces start. That makes them butterlfy-50’s-shaped. Not so good.

Great shape. But I cannot wear an almost black. (With my grey hair anyway…)

The ones I liked recently were them. (Creeeeepy picture, spectacles look bigger in pictures they told me. Also they sit awry here, oh well.) They are grey and it’s possible to sandblasting them so that the will have a matte finish, which I like.

Also: searching the internet is hopeless. I’ll go out now. Live-searching.

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